Seeking a unique, meaningful adventure? We can help!

We craft customized experiences for groups (i.e vacationing families, corporate teams) and personalized retreats for individuals or couples. Our network of local wellness practitioners, tour operators, and transportation providers is a carefully curated list. You can rest easy knowing we’ve narrowed the options down to the best of the best in Asheville!

About the Experiences:

We highlight adventures with a wellness twist. What does that mean? Wellness is a broad concept that is all about nurturing the whole person! It can be lighthearted & fun (whitewater rafting, yoga on a mountaintop, burlesque dancing, henna tattoo), deep & meaningful (sound healing, women’s circles, cacao ceremonies), or something in between. What do you have in mind? Browse our full list below…

What to Expect From Us:

Our process starts with a conversation where we'll get to know a bit about your vision and budget so we can curate a list of suggestions to custom fit your group's interests. From there, we'll work with you to sculpt the perfect itinerary and then it's time for you to relax! Leave the reservations, logistics, scheduling, payments, etc to us so you can focus solely on your time together.  When you arrive, you'll have 24/7 access to your travel concierge in case of any snags or desired changes.

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Explore the Possibilities:

$45/person; discounts available for groups of 4+

Begin your experience with an educational tea tasting then stroll through downtown learning about Asheville's fascinating history and visiting local businesses that focus on wellness in unique ways. Tour experiences vary from season to season but have included essential oil presentations, local honey tastings, sound healing, and breath and meditation exercises.

2 hours

Recommended pairing: Walking Tour + Salt Therapy Session

Pricing depends on location, duration, and group size. Please Contact Us for a quote.

Pricing Examples:
$45/person (2 mile round trip mountain hike + 1hr of yoga)
$69/person (3 mile round trip guided waterfall hike + 1 hr of yoga)

Guided hike to a beautiful summit, pounding waterfall, or quiet forest plus one hour of yoga with an experienced local instructor. Choose between: gentle/beginners, slow flow, or power vinyasa. Mats provided. Mileage 1-5 miles based on preference.

Half day experience.


A private group yoga session with an experienced local instructor in a downtown studio space. Choose between a gentle/beginners, slow flow, power vinyasa, alignment, yin, or restorative practice.

1 Hour

$195/group for parties of 2-9
$250/group for parties of 10+

Forget the hassle of finding parking and getting out of the house on time. Relax. We'll come to you! Enjoy a private group yoga session at your vacation rental or location of your choosing with an experienced local instructor.

This option is especially great for wedding parties and weekend visits! Choose between a gentle/beginners, slow flow, power vinyasa, alignment, yin, or restorative practice.

Mats provided.
Locations outside a 10 mile radius of downtown Asheville may incur an additional travel charge

1 Hour

$30/person, Maximum 20

Crystal bowls, gongs, harps, and several other instruments are used to create a peaceful atmospheric soundscape to assist in relaxation and healing. As the powerful vibrations of the sound waves wash over our bodies, stress and worry dissipates and our mind’s thoughts move into the background.

Sessions last 30-40 minutes.

$35/person (open to community participants)
$297/Group (private group session)

Experience a unique oasis: a salt enriched microclimate which allows the body and mind to gain relaxation, rehabilitation and balance. The power of salt therapy has been known for centuries to be beneficial in the treatment of respiratory ailments, cardiovascular issues, nervous system disorders, skin problems and digestive complaints. The air in the therapeutic salt cave is intensely saturated with negative ions, while the salt rock crystals in the cave release 84 trace elements and minerals which are essential to the homeostasis of our bodies. Come experience a special place for rest and healing.

45 minutes

$40/person, Maximum 8

Acupuncture is a complementary medical practice that entails stimulating certain points on the body, most often with a needle penetrating the skin, to alleviate pain or to help treat various health conditions. Group acupuncture is offered in setting where multiple patients receive treatments at the same time. A community setting makes it easy for friends and family to come in together. Many people find this comforting and when a collective energetic field is established it makes individual treatments even more powerful.

45 minutes


Burlesque 101: Learn classic burlesque moves, play with props like feather boas and chairs, learn skills on how to be a successful tease and walk away with a routine to seduce whomever you please!

1 hour

Add bubbly, chocolate, and an extra 30mins of class time to enhance the fun for $25/person more

Starting at $30/person

Option 1: Private Individual Readings: 15mins/person
For these personal, private readings, each person will spend 10-15 minutes with your Guide and Tarot Reader. These readings can take place at your vacation home or (our favorite) at a local tea house/coffee shop where you can all relax and enjoy each other's company as you rotate through your readings.

Option 2: Sample Tarot Readings (1-2 hours)
Within the support of your group, you will each receive a short 10 to 15 minute, guidance based Tarot Reading. This works best if you know each other well and do not mind the others in the group hearing possible intimate information. A lovely, bonding experience to share with your tribe. There is a maximum group size of 6 for this option. For larger groups, please contact us or consider option three:

Option 3: Intuitive Development and Inner Quest (2 hours).
Best option for groups larger than 8 participants
This group session will begin with a guided meditation that will serve as a type of vision quest to help awaken your own intuition. Each of you will choose one question to focus on throughout this vision quest. You will receive one Major Arcana card focused around wisdom that will help you know how to approach that question.

1-2 hours


The Anointing Temple is like a tarot card reading, but with scent instead of images. In the Anointing Temple, you align with a powerful archetypal ally using your Sensory Wisdom, and receive an essential oils anointing ceremony to deeply accept the Medicine of this alignment. Fun to do as a group! Try to guess each other's archetypes and be amazed.

2 hours

$110 (1hr) or $60 (30mins)
At the Rental

Let the relaxation come to you! We arrange mobile massage treatments in Asheville and surrounding areas for individuals, couples or groups such as girls getaways, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, wedding parties, reunions, and business meetings. We are only limited by the size of your space.

Your therapist brings massage tables or chairs, linens, lotions, oils, creams and music to create your ultimate relaxation experience. All you have to do is relax. Sessions are customized to meet your body’s needs to release tension from your body and therefore from your life!

$95 (1hr) or $60 (30mins)
At the Spa

Enjoy a 30min or 60min classic relaxation massage utilizing gentle pressure, soothing strokes and steamed towels at a peaceful day spa tucked away in the heart of downtown. Book far enough in advance and you can rent out the entire spa with space for 7 to receive treatments simultaneously. This is a great way to prepare for a wedding weekend or relax as part of your girls getaway. You can even add a massage to the end of your walking tour. So many ways to fit in a bit of bliss.

$85/person, Max 12, discounts for groups of 6+

This activity is ideal if you're in a vacation rental with a kitchen large enough to fit your group. We come to you!

Seasonal Three-Course Meal: Learn to prepare a seasonal three-course meal from start to finish. Along the way, we’ll share kitchen tips and tricks to help make meal planning, prep and cleanup easier. Our seasonal menus are easy enough for you to pull off on a weeknight, but they’re delicious enough that you can serve them for company. Appropriate for all cooking levels. We’ll also have homemade snacks for you enjoy throughout the class. At the end of our lesson, we’ll sit down and enjoy the meal together — and you get to keep the leftovers.

3 hours


This tour is so much more than just another pub craw. Named among the top tours in the world by National Geographic, the tour is led by internationally recognized beer experts! Go behind the scenes of some of Asheville's best breweries where you'll sample award winning beers at every stop all while getting a true insider look at craft beer in Asheville. In between breweries, you'll learn about Asheville's fascinating local history. This is an informative, unique take on the traditional brewery tour and we think you're really going to love it!

*private tours available for parties of 6+. Ask for more info!

2-3 hours


Walking tour featuring a delicious handful of Asheville’s best eateries. From fine dining to the bar scene and so much in between, you’ll experience some of the highlights and discover lesser-known gems as you eat your way through at least 6 stops, dessert, and 3+ drink pairings.

2.5 hours

Want more stops and more drink pairings? Consider the High Roller tour instead for $69/person

$100/person, Max 8

Cross bridges, scale a spiral tree staircase, and rappel to the forest floor. Gain a unique perspective as you glide 200ft above the ground! Includes a 1250ft long flight with incredible long-range views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, hands-free braking, and scenic forest trails. USA Today called this “one of the best in the nation”

2-2.5 hours

Starting at $55/person

Get your adrenaline rush on a 3-4 hour, 5 mile trip down river with Class II-III rapids includes a snack break along the way. For a more intense experience, try the 9 mile, 5-6 hour excursion through Class II-IV rapids including lunch.

3-6 hours

*All prices above are based on a minimum group size of 6 but we are happy to create quotes for smaller parties upon request. Note also that final pricing may increase due to booking fees and taxes imposed by local partners.