Wild Tribe Itinerary:  Detox/Retox

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Looking for a mix of self care and indulgence during your Asheville trip?  (This is Beer City, USA ya know.)  We'll get you sweaty in the morning,  well nourished at lunch, and tipsy by evening.  Includes an outdoor yoga adventure, salt therapy, and tour of local breweries.  

9am Yoga on the Mountain Hike:  Meet a local guide and experienced yoga instructor for an outdoor yoga adventure.  Experience a walking meditation to the perfect spot to roll your mat out in the grass and lift your arms to salute the sun.  A number of locations are available-- beautiful summit, pounding waterfall, or quiet forest.  Choose between a beginners/gentle, slow flow, or power vinyasa style 60 minute class.  Mats provided. 

Pro Tip: bring along a picnic lunch from The Rhu or City Bakery, or stop by Earth Fare on your way out of town to pic up lunch and enjoy a picnic with a view before heading back into town.

2pm Salt Therapy.  Experience a unique oasis in downtown Asheville: a salt enriched microclimate which allows the body and mind to gain relaxation, rehabilitation and balance. The power of salt therapy has been known for centuries to be beneficial in the treatment of respiratory ailments, cardiovascular issues, nervous system disorders, skin problems and digestive complaints. The air in the therapeutic salt cave is intensely saturated with negative ions, while the salt rock crystals in the cave release 84 trace elements and minerals which are essential to the homeostasis of our bodies. 

3:30pm Brewery or Rooftop Bar Tour. 

Brewery Tour: This is so much more than just another pub craw. Named among the top tours in the world by National Geographic, the tour is led by internationally recognized beer experts! Go behind the scenes of some of Asheville's best breweries where you'll sample award winning beers at every stop all while getting a true insider look at craft beer in Asheville. In between breweries, you'll learn about Asheville's fascinating local history. This is an informative, unique take on the traditional brewery tour and we think you're really going to love it! 

Rooftop Bar Tour: Sip & see the city from a bird’s-eye view. From a 1920’s skyscraper with terraced balconies, to a sleek and modern rooftop bar in the middle of the thriving city of Asheville….this tour will take you there! Linger at each rooftop bar location for approximately forty five minutes where you can grab a drink or a quick appetizer, capture those breathtaking photos (think INSTAGRAM gold here), and then we’re on to the next stop on the tour. It’s a unique blend of history and sightseeing with award winning bars included in the mix.

$160/person with a minimum group size of 4 or a flat rate of $640 for smaller groups.