Essential Oils

Blending Workshops & Archetypal Readings:

Connect to each other and to your own inner wisdom with the support of carefully crafted essential oil blends and the guidance of a mystical aromatherapist.

$45-125/person, duration depends on group size.

Option #2:

Oil Blending Workshop

Not your average perfumery class!

$125/person. 3hrs

Option #1:

Archetype Reading

Think Tarot…but with scent!

$45/person. 2hrs

Essential Oils Anointing Asheville

#1 Archetype Reading:

Get a major dose of clarity in the time it takes to steep your tea! An Archetype Reading with Katie Vie is like tarot reading, but with artisan essential oil blends instead of tarot cards.

These sessions will answer your deepest question, “am I on the right track with my life?” by connecting you with one of seven Archetype Anointing Oils like The Queen, The Wisdom Keeper, and The Mermaid. Which one are you? Sit with Katie and find out!

Begin your reading with Katie's signature "fan ceremony" to clear your mind and enliven your senses then settle in for a blind sampling (like a wine tasting but with scent!) of all 7 of the Archetype Anointing Oils, taking your time and noticing your reactions to each aroma.

Katie will help you each identify your perfect match, then share how it can support and guide you. Try to guess each other’s archetype match before “the big reveal.” This is such a lovely bonding experience for women’s groups that combines personal wisdom with support and encouragement. It’s simultaneously lighthearted and deeply meaningful.

Your session concludes with a beautiful anointing ceremony after which we hope you leave feeling encouraged, clear, and validated.

$45/person. 2 hours. Minimum group size 6 or flat fee of $270 for smaller groups.


#2 Oil Blending Workshop

Part magic and part laboratory, this class will leave you feeling connected to your creativity, your path, and the botanical world.

Join a local expert aromatherapist in her woodland apothecary or at your vacation rental to create a customized scent with curated essential oils, resins, and absolutes. 

Under the aromatherapist’s expert guidance, you'll tap into your inner wisdom and claim a personal intention, then create a blend that will support you in seeing it through. 

Begin with a guided sampling of 15 perfume components & organic, wild-harvested oils before beginning to formulate your personal blend under the expert guidance and insight of your aromatherapist.

$125/person. Groups of 2 - 6 Participants.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of this experience, we request a minimum of 2 weeks advance notice whenever possible.

Additional Custom Experiences: