Wild Tribe Itinerary:  Transformation

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Been craving time for deep connection with the meaningful women/soul sisters in your life?  This is the package for those looking for empowering, ceremonial traditions to celebrate transition and transformation.  

Friday: At your arrival, begin with a group tarot card reading that includes a  guided meditative vision quest to help awaken your intuition. Each of you will choose one question to focus on and receive one Major Arcana card focused around wisdom that will help you know how to approach that question.  Spend the rest of the evening settling into your chosen vacation space.

Saturday: Upon awakening the next morning, join together in a sacred women’s circle to deeply nourish connections to the divine within each of yourselves and your sisters.  Explore the messages that are offered up with the current moon cycle and cultivate a more easeful embodiment of your divine feminine essence. Through the supportive community of sisterhood-- be heard, reflect, expand, heal.

Brunch, can be catered or we offer a list of recommended restaurants in the area based on your dietary preferences.

In the afternoon, sip some tea or cocktails/mocktails and relax while getting henna tattoos from a local artist. Indian henna designs are ceremonial traditions that women of the southern Asian and some Arabian cultures use to beautify and adorn themselves for special events.  Each of you will pick a sacred geometry inspired design and bodily location. Head off to dinner afterwards on your own.

Sunday: Let stress and worry dissipate at the close of your weekend with a private sound healing session. Crystal bowls, gongs, harps, and several other instruments are used to create a peaceful atmospheric soundscape to assist in one final experience of relaxation and healing before heading home with the powerful vibes you spent the weekend cultivating.