Searching for something unique at your next meeting or event?

Add a creative meeting break activity to your next corporate event to rejuvenate your team and keep attendees engaged with wellness experiences that capture the “uniquely Asheville vibe” and are sure to earn a “WOW” vote from your attendees.

You may also invite relaxation and balance into your day-to-day office environment with yoga, massage, essential oils, and more. The possibilities are nearly endless and are sure to increase productivity, focus, and satisfaction. Schedule a consultation today to discover how you can encourage and support team wellness from a lighthearted, fun space.


Corporate Yoga


Yoga can help increase productivity and efficiency as well as create a healthy working environment. Help your employees feel refreshed & recharged with a yoga class at your office or event space. Led by licensed 200+hr Yoga Instructors, these classes can be curated to your group’s needs with themes such as relaxation, focus & energy, or the alleviation of symptoms that may occur from prolonged periods of sitting.

Included: mats, props, & instructor/s

Recommendations: schedule a full group session (1hr) at your office/event space or hold mini-sessions between meetings at your corporate event venue.

Corporate or Office Chair Massage

Chair Massage

Let the relaxation come to you! We’ll send a team of licensed massage therapists who have been fully vetted by our team to your next corporate meeting/event or straight to your office for some in-house relaxation. Our therapists will focus on massage of the neck, back, and arms. No clothing removal is necessary.

Included: massage therapists + any necessary equipment

Recommendations: schedule a team of therapists to offer weekly chair massage to your team at the office or plan shorter massage sessions between meetings at your next event. Number of therapists suggested will depend on group size.

Unique Wellness Offering for Corporate Events

Essential Oils

Consider a unique, fun and nourishing Essential Oil Experience for your employees, customers, and event guests. Oil blends may focus on increased concentration, productivity, immunity and well being. A sweet opportunity to pamper your crew!

Included: Essential oils, blending materials, professional Aromatherapist

Recommendations: choose a Mood Boost Bar where attendees can drop by between meetings for a quick spritz from a variety of blends based on the chakras OR delve deeper with a Blending Bar where attendees can mix their own blends from expertly crafted recipes for wellness goals such as relax, focus, and energy.

Sound Healing for Corporate Events

Sound Healing

Has it been a stressful quarter or year? Treat your team to a soak in the balancing vibrations of sacred sounds produced during a sound bath. Crystal bowls, gongs, harps, and other instruments are used to create a peaceful atmospheric soundscape to assist in relaxation and healing as stress & tension melt away.

Included: Sound Healer/Musician, instruments, mats & props

Recommendations: Have a quiet space? Participants sit or lay comfortably while the live music washes over the group during a full 30-45min session. Limited to your pre-function area? No problem! Musicians can create a relaxing backdrop as folks move between meetings.

Corporate Group Tarot Reading

Group Tarot

Looking for team build or a fun bonding activity?  Host a Tarot reading at your office or event space.  Tarot readings can be fun and lighthearted or deep and meaningful depending on the goals and interests of the participants and is a fun activity for folks who may be curious about Tarot but have never tried it. Participants can settle in for individual readings or a team/group.

Included: Tarot reader

Recommendations: Tarot readings can take place in a group setting or may be more personalized by allowing for individual sessions.